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Igniting growth with our clients

Our financial advice and access to investment capital helps transform clients’ business ideas into long-term growth and innovation. Together, those ideas are the fuel that ignites progress for the global economy and society. Take a look at our client stories to find out how.

Global exposure

Our global footprint can open up new avenues to help you diversify your investments

Investment Expertise

Get superior returns with our dynamic asset allocation strategy that optimises performance

Offshore benefits

Look abroad with confidence, and to tax-efficient ways to better manage your wealth

Transactional Products and Services

Corporate and Investment Banking's Transactional Products and Services team provides clients with access to a comprehensive suite of solutions for different countries.

Global Markets

To drive the success of your business across the world, our Global Markets team offers innovative client-driven trading activities.

Investment Banking

Our investment banking specialists leverage deep insights from each local and global presence to deliver innovative solutions that drive your business growth and that of the world.

Digital tools that save you time and increase productivity

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Our team of experts bring you leading insights every quarter. we aim to provide you with unique and relevant information.

Client Solutions

*Commodity Trading
Credit Trading | Equity Derivatives | Exchange Traded Funds and | Notes | Foreign Exchange | Money Market Instruments | Market Rates


*Debt Capital Markets
Debt Solutions | Equity Capital Markets | Principal Finance | Sustainable Finance
Elite Horizon Bank

What we do

We are an integrated financial services group with compelling competitive advantages, providing banking, insurance, investment as well as non-financial complementary solutions that drive the financial wellbeing of our clients at every stage of their financial journey.

Consumer and high
net worth clients

This segment provides banking solutions for individual clients, including high net worth individuals Elite Horizon Bank Our various client platforms provide access to a variety of personal banking and wealth management solutions, including insurance, investments and advisory capabilities.

Corporate and investment banking clients

We provide large corporations (multinational, regional and domestic) and institutional clients, with wholesale (corporate and investment banking) services and access to our in-depth sector and regional expertise, our specialist capabilities, and our access to global capital markets for advisory, transactional, trading and funding support.

Business and commercial clients

Our comprehensive banking solutions, designed to address the needs of small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as commercial banking clients ensure our clients are able to access a variety of products and services to transact, trade and fund their businesses

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Open a an account with us. We’re here to support all for your payment-related needs, with guaranteed security & constancy.

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We are a full reserve bank so 100% of your funds are kept in the bank with the perfect blend of banking, technology experience.

Fight against fraud

we are fully regulated by The Financial Services Unit (FSU). We onboard clients from a wide array of business sectors including, MSBs, Forex, Crypto.

We help you reach your goals.

Capabilities and expertise in industry sectors most relevant to real growth and development in the world. We provide insight into the commercial, regulatory and operational realities by connecting you to opportunities with key industry players, governments, regulators and investors worldwide and abroad.

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    Capabilities and expertise in industry sectors most relevant to real growth and development in business. We provide insight into the commercial, regulatory and operational realities by connecting you to opportunities with key industry players, governments, regulators and investors home and abroad.

    BEE Sector
    Consumer Sector
    Financial Institutions Sector
    Industrials Sector
    Mining and Metals Sector
    Oil and Gas Sector
    Power and Infrastructure Sector
    Public Sector
    Real Estate Sector
    Telecommunications, Media and Technology Sector
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            Our client Solutions

            Our evolution from a traditional bank into a digitally enabled diversified services organization is allowing us to understand each client better so that we can offer tailored proactive solutions. Through partnerships we are able to meet the financial and nonfinancial needs of our clients and offer solutions that go beyond banking, insurance and investments. 

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