Elite Horizon Bank

Client Solutions

Access to markets through targeted strategies

We provide structured and innovative solutions across multiple asset classes to corporates, state-owned enterprises, governments and institutional investors.

What to expect

All elements and aspects of your business needs are considered when proposing a solution, including capital and regulatory issues, documentation, timing of execution, accounting, tax and exchange control.


Access to research, information, insights and thought-provoking ideas

Customised solutions

Tailored solutions designed to address your unique business challenges

Innovative approach

Stay ahead of the toughest market challenges by applying new ways of thinking

Risk mitigation

Reduce the impact, severity and probability of risk to your business
How we can assist you Our offering

We aim to generate the best business and investment opportunities for you, providing you with access to the market using various funding, risk mitigation and yield enhancement strategies.

  •  By combining our comprehensive range of products and solutions, we’re able to create customised approaches to meet your business’s specific growth ambitions and financial objectives.
  • Our in-country market expertise enables us to provide and execute sophisticated market solutions, tailored for the nuances and unique requirements of the relevant local markets.

By combining innovation, proprietary technology and quantitative expertise, we’re able to define, develop and execute customised solutions in a broad range of applications.

Our multiple asset class solutions and products include:
  • Corporate and project specific hedging solutions
  • Foreign currency funding solutions for commercial and central banks
  • Commodity price risk management         
  • Counterparty risk mitigation
  • Duration management and hedging solutions for institutional investors