Elite Horizon Bank

Elite Horizon Bank


Capabilities and expertise in industry sectors most relevant to real growth and development in the world. We provide insight into the commercial, regulatory and operational realities by connecting you to opportunities with key industry players, governments, regulators and investors worldwide.

BEE Sector

Leverage our BEE expertise for your business growth

Consumer Sector

Your consumer sector partner that will drive your business growth

Financial Institutions Sector

Connecting you to the right partners in the financial institutions sector

Power and Infrastructure Sector

Supporting economic progress through power and infrastructure

Public Sector

Driving financial solutions in the public sector

Real Estate Sector

Partnering with you for your real estate financing success

Industrials Sector

Providing connectivity and insights-driven solutions to support and grow your business

Mining and Metals Sector

When you uncover copper’s potential, you drive sustainable energy

Oil and Gas Sector

Your oil and gas partner for growth.